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Copyright services to save small works in blockchain. You created a logo, a picture, wrote a story, a script, made a successful photo and much more. Save them in blockchain to confirm the authorship. No servers. We do not store your works: Only blockchain! Your work will forever remain in the blockchain! Protect your work. It's easy.

I copyright an idea?

Can Two of the most common intellectual property questions are ‘can I copyright my idea?’ and ‘how do I protect an idea?’ and there is often a great deal of myth and misconception surrounding this subject.
The Chambers 21st Century Dictionary defines an idea as “a thought, image, notion or concept formed by the mind” so by its very definition an idea is a totally intangible thing. You cannot protect something that cannot be seen, heard or touched, or otherwise quantified because in every appreciable sense it does not exist. In order for there to be any protection of an idea, we must first make the idea exist in some tangible way.
In the case of copyright law, it is the work that realises the idea that is protected (i.e. a document), and it is the act of recording that work that fixes copyright in the item itself.
So how can I protect my ideas?
Generally, there are 3 types of work that people ask about in this context:
1. A treatment, format or synopsis for a TV show, book or film
Copyright will protect the actual treatment, format or synopsis (as well as any other documents that detail the idea). It does not directly protect the idea, though registering the work would at least establish evidence of the content of your idea at that time.
To illustrate the point about ideas in this context: You could for example argue that when the TV show ‘QQ’ was created, the thought process of the CCC may have been along the lines of ‘Friends is such a popular show, we should do something similar’. Although the basic idea of the two shows is quite similar, there is no direct copying, so no infringement has occurred.
Having said that, for most writers it is still worth registering before approaching publishers or production companies (etc.), and this will certainly provide independent evidence of the content of the work you are submitting to them. This evidence may perhaps be used to help establish that they acted in ‘bad faith’ if they then develop on your work without you, though your solicitor/lawyer should be able to provide more details and advise suitability of this in the specific circumstances.
Clearly any direct copying of your material by another writer would also be a copyright infringement.
2. Business ventures
In the case of business ideas, it is again the recorded work rather than an intangible idea that is protected. Copyright would apply to items such as written documents, artwork, etc. - i.e. a Business plan, promotional literature, website, logo, and such items could certainly be registered.
If a competitor used your work, (i.e. copied or adapted your promotional literature or stole content from your website to promote their own product), you could certainly take action, as this would be a breach of copyright.
You could also take action if a competitor tried to ‘poach’ customers by using your name or branding (or something similar), this is know and ‘passing off’.
There is however little you can do to prevent someone else starting a business based on a similar idea. As long as they do not copy your work or poach customers by passing off, this is just fair competition.
3. Inventions or industrial processes
If the idea is an industrial process or invention, it may be possible to apply for a patent, but even then you must fully document what you are trying to protect.
Patents are grants that give an exclusive right to use, sell or manufacture the invention. Patents are registered at a national or territory level with an appointed government body. Patents typically take 2 to 3 years to be granted.
As the patent process is quite slow, if in the meantime if you need to show your invention to others it is worth using a confidentiality agreement to ensure their silence.
Blockchain Copyright Service receive registrations from inventors who are seeking to ensure that they have some immediate evidence of the date of their ideas. This can be helpful if the patent application is challenged, but it should not be viewed as an alternative to a patent.

List of work suitable for registration

Protect your work.
This list is based on categories, intended as a guide to assessing the type of work you wish to register.

Advertisements, Agendas, Album covers, Annual reports, Architectural plans, Artistic drawings, Artwork, Audit documents, Badge designs, Betting systems, Board games, Books, Book proposals, Booklets, Brochures, Business concept proposal, Business plans, Cartoons, Cartoon characters, Carvings, Catalogues, Charts and plans, Checklists and progress documents, Children’s books, Christmas cards, Clothing designs, Commercial documents, Commercial product proposal/specification, Comic strips, Computer programs, Corporate documents, Databases, Designs, Designs for commercial products, Designs and marketing documentation, Designs and proposals for for computer games, Documentaries, Documents detailing patentable ideas*, Drawings, Educational material, Fabric, upholstery and wallpaper designs, Fashion designs, Film, Film scripts, Financial documentation/proposals, Fine art, Fonts, Forms, Formats for TV shows, Furniture designs, Games, Graphical designs, Greetings cards, Guidelines and policy documents, Guides and information documents, Handbooks, Hymns, Illustrations, Illustrated literary work, Instructive videos, Jewellery Designs, Labels, Letterheads, Leaflets, Log books, Logos, Lyrics, Magazines, Manuscripts, Manuals, Maps, Meditative instruction, Music and lyrics, Music/sound recording, Musical score, Musical tablature, Novels, Painting, Patterns, Periodicals, Philosophical emblems, Photography, Plays, Poetry, Prayers, Product packaging, Promotional literature, Promotional publications, Proposal, Radio shows/presentations, Risk assessment, Scanned images, Screen plays, Scripts, Sculpture, Short stories, Software, Sound recordings, Stationery, Synopsis, Tattoo designs, Technical drawings, Teaching aids, Treatments (scripts/literary work), Tuition/instruction documents, TV programmes, Web sites **, Yearbooks,
* This is not an alternative to a patent, but may assist if your patent application is challenged.
** Web site content is protected by copyright, domain names should be registered with Nominet or similar organisation.

If your site is gone ..........?

✔ Your work is now permanently in blockchain.
✔ Go to our backup site, which can not be closed and changed.
It will always be open in your browser.
He does not need hosting.

dBCS | Decentralized BlockChain Copyright Service


How it works? Manual.

1. Open the page in a new window (tab): "My work". Fill out the forms. 
Use optimized images and texts weighing up to ~ 20kb. Encode images in Base64.
Quality and size do not matter. Use the Content Editor if necessary.
Enter the text of your document in the section of the table with the text: "Your document" (instead of this text).
Work (White paper) 0x.........................XXX (your Ethereum Adress).
Fully save the web page. Optimize (Notepad++). And convert code the page to "Base64".
Use the "Base64 Online Converter" service or other similar services.
Before the resulting code, paste: "data:text/html;base64," (data:text/html;base64,you code ...)
Paste the resulting code into Google Chrome's browser line and you see the web page with your document (idea).

2. Publication of code the received page with your document in the Blockchain of the Ethereum network.
Use the video guide: Youtube-1 and Youtube-2.
Your document is published!

For the publication of documents, we use the properties of the ZXBT (ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt) token.
The maximum amount of published information ~ 30kb. A file with a large weight may not fit in the blockchain.
If the volume of your document exceeds this value, make an additional publication:
Work (White paper) 0x.........................XXX/2 (your Ethereum Adress/2).
If necessary, divide your work into 2-3 or more parts.
If the volume of your document significantly exceeds this value, make a hash of your document and publish it in the blockchain.
But remember: you must store the original of the published document in the same form (unchanged !!!) in a reliable storage.
If you want to keep your idea in secret, but at the same time want to confirm the authorship, use the "WebCrypt" service or similar services.

BlockChain-Bulletin | Ethereum Address of the publication of projects (ideas) «B©S».

To use this service, you only need one «ZXBT» token on your Ethereum address.

Copyright Registration with Blockchain Copyright Service is a fast, effective and free way to protect your work from abuse and misuse, ensuring that you always have the best evidence of ownership to protect your work and your rights.

Regardless of whether you are a songwriter, designer, artist, author, company or person, if you are creating an original work, it is important to protect your intellectual property. This means that we can guarantee that you always have evidence that will help you in any future disputes.

The Berne Convention provides that, at a minimum, copyright protection in all signatory countries should extend to “literary and artistic works”, including “every production in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode or form of its expression.” The detailed list of categories of works that are protected by copyright – and the specific definition and scope of each of them – may slightly vary from country to country, but it generally includes scientific articles, essays, novels, short stories, poems, plays and other literary works; drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures and other two- and three-dimensional pieces of art; films and other audiovisual works; musical compositions; software and others.
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